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Cricket Bat Grains

Cricket Bat Grains: Tight Grains vs. Wide Grains. Which is best?

Tight or Wide Cricket Bat Grains? Understand how grain structure affects weight, performance & knocking-in time. Find your perfect bat for peak performance!

The Definitive Guide to Cricket Slang

Explore the quirky world of cricket slang in our guide. From ‘googlies’ to ‘zooters,’ learn the unique terms that define our beloved sport.

Timed Out — A First for International Cricket

Angelo Mathews’ timed-out dismissal sparks controversy in a heated World Cup match as he criticizes Bangladesh’s conduct.

Gray Nicholls 2024 Range Released

The Gray Nicholls 2024 range has been released.

How Tall Are Cricket Stumps?

How tall are cricket stumps? Many cricketers don’t actually know despite playing for many years! 28 inches tall but what about the width?

The Long Journey to Equality: The Rise of Women’s Cricket

Tracing the journey of women’s cricket from early beginnings to a global sport. Discusses key milestones, issues, and the future for women’s cricket.

Types of Duck in Cricket

Types of Duck in Cricket — Can you name all 7?

Looking to learn what all the types of duck in cricket are? A term that evokes both humour and despair, here’s the 7 ducks all batters hate!

Cricket Bat Gutting: A Comprehensive 6 Step Guide

What is cricket bat gutting, who uses it and why?

How To Knock In A Cricket Bat: The Complete Guide

How To Knock In A Cricket Bat — our 5 step process for knocking in helps optimise your bat’s performance for better power and longevity.