Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – 22 July 2017

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We have a winner!


A N Other (yes that is truly the monicker of the mysterious winner!) wins the



He/She also earns the right to be a Quizmaster on Cricket Writer anytime

before 31st August 2017. Just write in to us and

we can set you up.


Answers to the 22nd July 2017 Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz


  1. Jeff Thomson and Len Pascoe.
  2. Aaron Bird, whose nickname was Flu. KFC, the sponsors, did not think much of it for obvious reasons!
  3. Wolmer’s Schools, Kingston. For the Bonus: Karl Nunes, Ivan Barrow, Gerry Alexander, Jackie Hendriks, Jeff Dujon and Carlton Baugh were the wicket keepers.
  4. D: Malcolm Marshall;  E: Larry Golmes;  F: Paul Terry;  G: Allan Lamb.
  5. Dipak Patel. Born in India, made his debut for Worcestershire in the County Championship, and played international cricket for New Zealand.


Thank you for your participation and see you at the next Weekend Quiz!


Hi Folks!


We are back with the Cricket Writer

Weekend Quiz and your Quizmaster this

weekend is one other than our multiple winner

Abhishek Mukherjee!


Abhishek throws down the gauntlet by setting

an interesting set of questions from the

treasure trove of trivia that occupies his mind!


As usual, to win the Quiz, you have to get all

the questions right and only the answers in the

comments section here will qualify for the



So shake away the cobwebs in your minds and

go for it! May the force be with you!



1. Two fast bowlers A and B grew up together

in the same locality (the name would be a

giveaway). They were so menacing a pair that

the local hospital had a ward named after

them — to accommodate the batsmen.

Identify both A and B.


2. In Big Bash League cricketers typically sport

nicknames on their jerseys. However, C was

not allowed to do the same by the sponsors.

Identify C.


3. Which is the only known school (not

college) to have produced six Test

wicketkeepers? Bonus points for naming all



4. In the same series, D batted one-handed to

help E reach his hundred and F batted one-

handed to help G reach his hundred. Identify

D, E, F, and G.


5. Cricketer H had his ancestral roots in one

continent, was born in a second, made his

First-Class debut in the domestic competition

in a third, and played for a nation in a fourth.

Identify H.





3 responses to “Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – 22 July 2017”

  1. Kk says:

    1.Len Pascoe & Thomson

  2. A N Other says:

    1. Thomson and Pascoe
    2. Aaron Bird
    3. Wolmer’s school, Kingston. Nunes, Barrow, Alexander, Hendricks, Dujon and Baugh
    4. Marshall – Gomes, Terry – Lamb
    5. Dipak Patel

  3. Ritesh says:

    1. Pascoe and Thomson
    2 Hashim Amla
    3 Pass
    4 Marshall and Gomes . Paul Terry and Allan Lamb
    5 Kepler Wessels

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