Cricket writer Weekend Quiz – June 17th 2017

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Quiz Closed!!!


The 5-part Answer to the questions set by Quiz

Master Arunabha Sengupta are as follows:


1. Eddie Barlow


2. John Snow


3. William Wordsworth




A. Arthur Shrewsbury

B. Albert Craig



C. Bob Appleyard

D. Emily Bronte





Abhishek Mukherjee wins this quiz getting

all  the answers right.  Chinmoy Jena also got

it  but conceded graciously that Abhishek

deserves the prize for getting to the mark first!


Congrats again Abhishek – you get to be Quiz

Master (again!) on any

week you choose before July 15th 2017.


Drop us a line at and we can get

you all set up!



Hi Folks!


Welcome to the Weekly Quiz on !


We put up a quiz every Saturday which will

stay up for 48-hours or when the right answer

The is posted in the comments section. Either

way,the question stays up at least for 24-




The Prize?


The Winner will be invited to send in their

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Writer for future inclusion in this section, and

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Come on folks, close that google window, and

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Quiz Question for Weekend of 17th June 



This weekend we have a very interesting series

of questions which will tax your brains and

your knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to

answer it correctly and in full. All 5 parts need

to be correct to win the prize. Needless to say,

the decision of the Quizmaster is final!


The question this week is contributed by

Arunabha Sengupta a past winner of this



Arunabha is also a prolific writer on the

history of cricket, Chief Cricket Writer at

CricketCountry and interestingly, a

connoisseur of Crime Fiction. he is also the

author of several books.


He is claiming his prize here by throwing a

challenge to you to answer this week’s 5 part




The Question


Answer all 5 questions below correctly to win the prize:


1. Which cricketer’s autobiography starts with

a discussion of an anonymous poem called

Think Big’?


2. “Behind the limpid dust-clothed trees

The pointed tower,

Moulavi waiting,

Stands faded red against the blue.

Above a cheel, eyeing wheeling …”

Lines from a poem titled Bahawalpur Ground.

Identify the author.


3. A sonnet describing English country side

had the lines:

“those boys hat in yon meadow ground, In

white sleev’d shirts are playing by the score”

Identify the author.


4. After the death of one of the great cricketers

(A), a poet (B) wrote the following lines in his

memory, “One, we termed a Prince, is missing,

one as pure as flowers in May,

Loved, esteem’d, revered and honor’d, like a

flower has pass’d away

One of England’s greatest …”

Identify A and B


5. The title of the biography of a cricketer (C)

borrowed a phrase from a poem by a Victorian

writer (D) famous for one great novel. The

biography thus produced won numerous

awards including Wisden Book of the Year.

Identify C and D.


Go for it folks! Enjoy! All answers only in the

Comments section below please! No answers

anywhere else will count for the prize.



5 responses to “Cricket writer Weekend Quiz – June 17th 2017”

  1. Ritesh says:

    Clean bowled

  2. Pranay Swain says:

    I follow Ritesh Mishra. Clean bowled too.

  3. Abhishek Mukherjee says:

    1. Eddie Barlow.
    2. John Snow.
    3. William Wordsworth.
    4. Arthur Shrewsbury and Albert Craig.
    5. No Coward Soul: The Remarkable Story of Bob Appleyard, by Stephen Chalke. No Coward Soul was written by Emily Bronte, obviously famous for Wuthering Heights.

  4. Chinmoy Jena says:

    1. Eddie Barlow
    2. John Snow.
    3. William Wordsworth -Composed in the Valley, near Dover.
    4. A) Arthur Shrewsbury and B)Albert Craig.
    5. A) Bob Appleyard B) Emily Bronte whose only and one of the greatest novels was Wuthering Heights.

    The best questions, at least for me, so far. Thanks Arunabha.

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