Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – June 3rd 2017

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Quiz Closed!!!

The 5-part Answer to the questions set by Quiz Master Rohit Beri are as follows:


1. Angular Momentum (This question was specifically asking about how ball moves in the air. While

“Energy” makes the ball move, Angular Momentum defines how it moves in the air after leaving the

bowlers hand).


2. Spin bowling makes use of angular momentum


3. Magnus Effect. It is the force exerted on a rapidly spinning cylinder or sphere moving through air or

another fluid in a direction at an angle to the axis of spin. This force is responsible for the swerving of

balls when hit or thrown with spin. NoteBernoulli’s principle works on the pressure differential and

plays a role in swing balls.


4. Heinrich Gustav Magnus, a German Physicist, studied this effect in detail and thus the effect is

named after him.


5. Pressure Difference causes ball to swing.




This was a tough quiz! But as cricket fanatics (thats pretty much all of us here at Cricket Writer!) its very

interesting indeed to learn the science behind the sport that we all love. Atul Kumar put in

another brilliant effort to 3 of the answers correct and the Quiz Master Rohit Beri has decided he

indeed deserves the prize.


Congrats again Atul – you get to be Quiz Master (again!) on anyweek you choose

before June 30th 2017.


Drop us a line at and we can get

you all set up!


The next quiz will be up on Saturday 10th June 2017 and on every Saturday thereafter.



Hi Folks!

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way,the question stays up at least for 24-



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Come on folks, close that google window, and

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Quiz Question for Weekend of 3rd June  2017

This weekend we have a completely unique

quiz that combines Cricket and Physics

one which will tax your brains and your

knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to

answer it correctly and in full. All 5 parts need

to be correct to win the prize. Needless to say,

the decision of the Quizmaster is final!


The question this week is contributed by a very

keen supporter of Cricket Writer, Rohit Beri,

who is as passionate about Physics as he is

about Cricket. Today, he asks some questions

about the physics of the art of Bowling!


The Question

Answer all 5 questions below correctly to win the prize:


1. What is the conserved quantity (physics)

that play a critical role in how the ball moves

in the air after leaving the bowler’s arm but

before reaching the batsman?


2. Which kind of bowling makes use of the

same (conserved quantity) more often, Swing

or Spin?


3. What is the technical name of the above



4. Name of the scientist after whom the effect

is named and his country?


5. What is the name for Physical force what

causes the other type of the effect i.e. Spin or

Swing as the case maybe?


Go for it folks! Clear the cobwebs in your mind

and shake up your school physics memories to

answer Rohit’s challenge! And have a lot of fun

while you do that!


7 responses to “Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – June 3rd 2017”

  1. Abhishek Mukherjee says:

    1. Pass
    2. Pass
    3. Pass
    4. Pass
    5. Pass

  2. atulkumar says:

    1. Energy
    2. Spin (angular momentum)
    3. Bernoulli’s principle – pressure differential caused by difference in flow velocity
    4. Daniel Bernoulli, Switzerland
    5. pressure-gradient force

  3. somasundaram vedula says:

    1.static pressure 2.swing 3.Magnus effect 4.Gustar Magnus,German 5deflective foce

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