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Quiz Closed!!!!

The 5-part answer to the questions set by

Atul Kumar are as follows:


1. Neil Harvey. In the 4th Test of that series at Leeds, Australia was chasing 404 runs in the 4th innings. Arthur Morris and Bradman put on 301 runs for the 2nd wicket to get the target within 50 runs. When the 4th wicket of Miller fell, Australia was 8 runs short of the target and teenager Neil Harvey who had scored a brilliant hundred in the 1st innings joined Bradman. Bradman hit a boundary to reduce the required runs to 4. In next over, Harvey hit a boundary to win the Test with the then highest run chase. Bradman remained not out at 173 and with 6996 career runs. Had Harvey played out that over and let Bradman hit the winning runs, Bradman would have completed 7000 runs and his score in his last innings would have become irrelevant for a 100+ average.

2. Bradman never held the record for maximum career Test runs. He was
within reach of Wally Hammond’s 7249 runs (who had retired a year ago) in his last series. Hammond’s record stood for another 22 years before Colin Cowdrey passed it in Dec 1970. Before Hammond, the great Jack Hobbs held that record for over 12 years, and when he retired, Hobbs had 2000+ more runs than the next person on that list.

3. Wally Hardinge scored over 33K first class runs for Kent. He played football for Newcastle United, Sheffield United and Arsenal and also played one international football match for England against Scotland.
In any other era, he would have played many more Tests for England but in the era of Jack Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe and few other talented openers such as Wilfred Rhodes, there was very less scope for any lesser batsman to open for England in a Test match (incidentally, Jack Hobbs was in the playing eleven of England in that Test but was absent
hurt in both the innings). It was also Andy Ducat‘s only Test. Ducat had a successful career with Surrey. He was captain of a cup-winning Aston Villa football team, made 175 appearances for Arsenal and also played for Fulham. He played six internationals for the English national football team.

4. Richard Stokes a businessman who was present on both instances and they happened to be the only Test matches he ever went to. The first time he was 10-year old and the second time he was on a business trip and happened to walk into the stadium that day to see the match.

5. Another ten year old boy named Bob Woolmer was taken by his father – working in Pakistan at the time – to a local match and he saw Hanif Mohammad scoring 499. In 1994, Woolmer was Warwickshire’s coach and therefore he was present in his team’s dressing to see his star batsman Brian Lara score 501 against Durham at Edgbaston.


Winner: This was by no means an easy quiz! it shows in the fact that we dont have anyone who got all 5 correct.

But Chinmoy Jena puts in another brilliant effort to get 4 out of 5 correct and the Quiz Master has decided he indeed deserves the prize!

Congrats again Chinmoy  – you get to be Quiz Master (again!) on anyweek you choose before June 15th 2017.

Drop us a line at and we can get you all set up!


The next quiz will be up on Saturday 27th May2017 and on every Saturday thereafter!

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Quiz Question for Weekend of 20th May 2017

This weekend we have a very interesting series of questions which will tax your brains and

your knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to answer it correctly and in full. All 5 parts need

to be correct to win the prize. Needless to say, the decision of the Quizmaster is final!


The question this week is contributed by Atul Kumar, a two time winner of this Quiz and supporter of Cricket Writer!


He is claiming his prize here by throwing a challenge to you to answer this week’s 5 part question.


The Question

Answer all 5 questions below correctly to win

the prize:


1. When Bradman got out for a duck in his last Test innings, a member of this team considered himself partially responsible for Bradman not finishing with a three digit average. Some say that he even said sorry to Bradman. Who was this team member and why did he consider himself partially responsible?


2. Bradman’s duck in his last Test also meant that he could not get a particular Test batting record against his name ever. The record remained for another two decades and the holder of that record at that time held it for the longest duration in history. What record was this and who held  it ? Before this, the record was held by another all time great batsman for over a dozen years. Who was that batsman?


3. This fantastic batsman played only one Test. Only two other Cricketers who did not play Test cricket have more first class runs than him. He also played international football for England. Who was the batsman and why was he not picked again to play Test Cricket? That Test match was also the only Test played by another international footballer. Who was the other player?


4. A man claimed that he watched Test cricket live in a stadium only twice in his life. On both occasions, he witnessed something special that happened only in those two Tests. Who is the man and what rare events in Test history did he witness?


5. Another man, who played club and international cricket and also coached club and national teams (and therefore watched many matches live in various stadiums), witnessed while present in stadium a first class record being broken on two different occasions – the only two times that record was broken after World War II. He himself was not playing on either of these two occasions. Who was this person and which record did he witness getting bettered.


Go for it folks! Enjoy! All answers only in the

Comments section below please! No answers

anywhere else will count for the prize!

11 responses to “Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – May 20th 2017”

  1. Ritesh says:

    4 . The two tied tests
    5 bob woolmer . 499 n 501

  2. Ritesh says:

    2 Johnny Arnold and Les Ames

  3. Ritesh says:

    Sorry, i meant 3rd answer is Johnny Arnold and Les aMES
    answer 1 is that in previous match Neil Harvey scored the winning 4 with a boundary, otherwise the aaverage of 100 would have been achieved in the previous match itself

  4. Somasundaram V says:

    4 q..Bob Simpson..played as a player of the Aus. team and he was the coach of the Ausralia team played in Chennai tied Test..

    • Atul Kumar says:

      Please read the question again. The man claimed that he watched Test cricket live in a stadium only twice in his life. Bob Simpson cannot claim that.

  5. Somasundaram V says:

    Oh..ok Atul

  6. KK says:

    3. Is it CB Fry?

  7. Chinmoy Jena says:

    1.Neil Harvey for scoring a boundary to win the previous Test when with Bradman stranded on 173 during that epic chase of 404.
    3.Wally Hardinge who was not granted leave by his employers for touring with Percy Chapman”s team to Australia. The other batsman with a single appearance and a football international was Andy Ducat.Hardinge scored 33519 runs while John Langridge with 3478 and Alan Jones with 36049 runs but never played a single Test match.
    4. Richard Stokes, a businessman.
    5.Bob Woolmer who as a ten year old boy had accompanied his father, who was working in Pakistan, had watched Hanif Mohammed score 499 runs. He ha also seen Brian Lara score 501* fr Warwickshre while Woolmwer was the coach there.He ws the person who watched the twi greatest innig played in Frst Class cricket.

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