Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – April 16, 2017

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Answer: The 3 part answer to this week’s quiz from Quiz Master Chinmoy Jena is:


1) Bill Ponsford of Australia. He played 29 Tests for Australia, scoring 2122 runs at an average of 48.22 with a high score of 266. In 162 first-class matches, he scored 13,819 runs at an average of 65.18, the highest after Don Bradman and Vijay Merchant, among batsmen with more than 10,000 runs. Wisden in their Obituary described him as someone with: “phenomenal powers of concentration, a high degree of physical fitness and an insatiable appetite for runs


2) Ponsford was the first batsman to score quadruple hundreds in First Class cricket. He made 429 in 1923 and and 437 runs in 1928. This feat was equalled by Brian Lara who sored 501 n.o. and 400  n.o.


3) Ponsford is also the only batsman to have scored centuries in his first two Tests as well as in his last two Tests.


Winner: We have two clear winners of this Quiz which was generally admitted to be a fairly tough one. Atul Kumar a keen quizzer for the past couple of decades and  Abhishek Mukherjee, Cricket Historian  and Editor of Cricket Country, are joint winners. This is Abhishek’s fourth success in this quiz.


Congrats Atul and Abhishek and you get to be Quiz Master on any week you choose before May 15th 2017. Drop us a line at and we can get you all set up!


Thank you Chinmoy Jena for a wonderful Quiz!


The next quiz will be up on Saturday 22nd April 2017 and on every Saturday thereafter!
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Quiz Question for Weekend of 16th April 2017


This weekend we have a very interesting photo based question which will tax your brains and your knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to answer it correctly and in full. All 3 parts need to be correct to win the prize. Needless to say, the decision of the Quizmaster is final!


The question this week is contributed by  Chinmoy Jena, a 3 time winner of this Quiz and an avid fan and supporter of Cricket Writer!


He is claiming his prize here by throwing a challenge to you to answer this week’s 3 part question.



The Question


Answer all 3 questions below correctly to win the prize!


1) Identify the batsman.


2) He held a first class batting record which was equalled by one of the great batsmen of the modern times. Name the record and the batsman who equalled it.


3) In Test matches too he created and holds a unique record which still stands in his name. Name the unique record.



Your time starts NOW!



4 responses to “Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – April 16, 2017”

  1. Abhishek Mukherjee says:

    1. Bill Ponsford.
    2. Two quadruple-hundreds (429 and 437). Brian Lara is the other one (501* and 400*).
    PS: He still holds a world record, that of breaking *his own* record for highest First-Class score.
    3. Hundreds in each of first two and last two Tests.

  2. Atul Kumar says:

    1. Bill Ponsford
    2. He had two scores of 400+ in first class cricket. Lara equaled that.
    3. The only test batsman to score hundreds in his first two Tests and also in his last two Tests

  3. Ritesh says:

    Super question and terrific answers above. Frankly knew 1 and 2, not 3

  4. Somasundaram V says:

    Yes super question…

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