The Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – 4th March ’17

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Answer: The 3 part answer is as follows:

1) The Scoreboard is from the Second Test at Lord’s between England and West Indies in 2000.
2) It was the first occasion when at least a part of all 4 innings in a Test match was played on a single day.
3) Incredibly, this rare occurrence took 123-years to happen the first time but has happened twice in the years since. – Second Test India v New Zealand at Hamilton 2002 and then First Test South Africa v Australia at Cape Town in 2011.

Winner: While we asked only for the next instance when this happened, which was 2002, one answer gave both the instances, so in consultation with Kamlesh Varshney (who sent in the quiz question), we have decided to jointly award it to Hemant Varshney (who was first off the block) and Rahul Navin who had the most complete answer we received.

Congrats Hemant and Rahul and you both get to be Quiz Masters on any week each of you chooses before March 31st 2017. Drop us a line at and we can get you all set up!

The next quiz will be up on Saturday 11th March 2017 and on every Saturday thereafter!
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Quiz Question for Weekend of 3rd March 2017

This weekend we have a very interesting photo based question which will tax your brains and your knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to answer it correctly and in full. All 3 parts need to be correct to win the prize. Needless to say, the decision of the Quizmaster is final!

The question this week is contributed by Kamlesh Varshney, last week’s winner and also one of our joint winners from the week before and an avid fan and supporter of Cricket Writer!

He is claiming his prize here by throwing a challenge to you to answer this week’s 3 part question.


The Question is:

1) Which Test match is this?
2) What was special about this match which happened for the first time in Test cricket?
3) This feat was repeated later – when, where and between whom?


No points for guessing one or two of the three, and we wont acknowledge the winner until we have the full answer.


Your time starts NOW!



3 responses to “The Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – 4th March ’17”

  1. Hemant Varshney says:

    1.Second test between england & west indies in 2000 at lords, day2
    2. Where all 4 innings happened to part of a same day.
    3. Second test between new Zealand & india DEC 2002.

  2. Rahul Navin says:

    1) 2nd Test between England and West Indies at Lord”s from June 29 to July 1 2000
    2) second day saw a part of all four innings
    3) 2nd test new Zealand vs India at Hamilton December 19 to 22 2002 and 1st Test South Africa vs. Australia at Cape Town November 9 to 11 2011

  3. Rahul Navin says:

    In Hamilton test this was done on third day. In other two cases it was done on second day. These are the only three instances where all four innings were played on the same day

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