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Answer: The young lady in the picture is the famous author Virginia Woolf. She is playing Cricket with her younger brother Adrian Stephen. This was a fabulous question set by Prakul Chandra and I thank him for this.

The hint we gave possibly made it a bit easier, but it remained a tough question to answer even for the most die hard quizzers. One of Virginia Woolf’s most famous quotations reads: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

Virginia Woolf was a brilliant novelist who had multiple mental breakdowns before drowning herself in the River Ouse in Sussex in 1941 at the age of 59, unable to deal with Fascism (she was married to Leonard who was Jewish) and the destruction of her London house during the Blitz. Her brother Adrian Stephen, a year younger than Virginia,  (with the bat in the picture) was interested in the work of Sigmund Freud, became one of England’s first Psychonalysts, was angered by Nazism and its ways, and went on to work as a Psychiatrist during WW2, volunteering in 1939 at the age of 57.


Winner: The Winner of the Quiz is  Kamlesh Varshney for the second week in a row! .

Congrats Kamlesh and you get to be Quiz Master on next week. 


The next quiz will be up on Saturday 4th March 2017 and on every Saturday thereafter!

Keep the participation and love coming and hope you are enjoying your time on


Hi Folks!

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Quiz Question for Weekend of 25th Feb 2017

This weekend we have a very interesting photo based question which will tax your brains and your knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to answer it correctly and in full. Needless to say, the decision of the Quizmaster is final!

The question this week is contributed by Twelfth Man (aka Dr. Prakul Chandra), one of our joint winners from last week’s Quiz and an avid fan and supporter of Cricket Writer!

He is claiming his prize here by throwing a challenge to you to answer this week’s question, which is in his inimitable cryptic style !


Twelfth Man says: “Start them young. Kids must have a bat and wickets if they are to play cricket. And surely they will bloom. Pad up and take guard. And if you are feeling lucky take a swing. Name the two kids in the picture enjoying this wonderful game at such a tender age.”


This needs a Hint in our view so here it is: The young lady is perhaps more famous than the young gentleman, notwithstanding the fact that at that stage she had neither the money nor her own room, but just the bat and wickets.


No points for guessing one of the two, and we wont acknowledge the winner until we have the full answer.

Your time starts NOW!

4 responses to “The Cricket Writer Weekly Quiz – 25th Feb ’17”

  1. Kamlesh Varshney says:

    Virginia Woolf is the lady and Andrian Stefan is her brother

  2. Ritesh says:

    No idea. Pass

  3. asifak says:

    Wow. Good one quizmaster.

  4. TwelfthMan says:

    Thank you Asif bhai.. Congratulations to the winner.

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