Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – May 13th 2017

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Quiz Closed!!!!


The 3-part answer to the questions set by

Abhishek Mukherjee are as follows:


1. Michael Slater


2. Bruce Pairaudeau. The batsmen he ran

for were Clyde Walcott and Frank Worrell.  

Quizmaster  Abhishek Mukherjee

described this incident when West Indies

played England at Edgbaston, in one of his


“Pairaudeau was clean bowled by a Fred

Trueman yorker for one. Rohan Kanhai and

Walcott took the score to 83 for 1 at stumps.

Early on Day Two, Walcott pulled a leg

muscle, and Pairaudeau, the only dismissed

batsman, appeared as a runner. He stayed on

as he saw Kanhai and Weekes depart.

When Walcott eventually fell for a 262-

minute 90, Pairaudeau had already been

running for close to 200 minutes for him.

When Sobers holed out against Brian Stat-

ham a few minutes later, Worrell walked out,

and, horror, horror, poor Pairaudeau had

been summoned as a runner again: this time

it was a 293-minute long stretch, extending

Pairaudeau’s stay to over 500 minutes (if one

includes the 14 minutes he had actually batted



3. 10 Dulka Road. For the phonetic

similarity to Tendulkar. A few years ago, the

owner of number 10, Tom Gueterbock, had his

change of address cards adorned with an

image of the Little Master Sachin Tendulkar

thanks to the familiar sounding name of his

house number and street name. Once he was

settled it became something of a running joke

for his mates to say: “We’re going round

Sachin’s for dinner”. Gueterbock even phoned

up Wisden to gain some PR when it came to

selling the house and subsequently there was

massive interest from Indian ex-pats living in



Winner: As Manajit Sengupta mentioned in

one of the comments on this post, this was by

no means an easy quiz! And not all answers

are ‘google-able’ ! It’s again a testimony to the

quality of quizzers on this site that we once

again have joint winners!


Another Cricket Historian, Arunabha

Sengupta becomes a first time winner and is

joined by Atul Kumar with his second win.


Congrats Arunabha and Atul – you get to be

Quiz Masters on any

week you choose before May 31st 2017. Drop

us a line at and

we can get you all set up!


The next quiz will be up on Saturday 20th May

2017 and on every Saturday thereafter!


Keep the participation and love coming and

hope you are enjoying your time on



Hi Folks!

Welcome to the Weekly Quiz on !


We put up a quiz every Saturday which will

stay up for 48-hours or when the right answer

is posted in the comments section. Either way,

the question stays up at least for 24-hours.


The Prize?

The Winner will be invited to send in their

own Weekly Quiz question to the Cricket

Writer for future inclusion in this section, and

of course her/his name and picture will be

displayed in the Image section where the Quiz

Photo (if any) is usually displayed!


Come on folks, close that google window, and

brush away the cobweb between your ears,

and go for it!


Quiz Question for Weekend of 13th May 2017

This weekend we have a very interesting series

of questions which will tax your brains and

your knowledge. To win the Quiz, you have to

answer it correctly and in full. All 3 parts need

to be correct to win the prize. Needless to say,

the decision of the Quizmaster is final!


The question this week is contributed by

Abhishek Mukherjee, a multiple winner of

this Quiz and supporter of Cricket Writer!

Abhishek is the Editor of Cricket Country. and

as importantly, a Cricket Historian with a near

encyclopedic knowledge of cricket history

along with the unique ability to put this

knowledge on paper and make history come



He is claiming his prize here by throwing a

challenge to you to answer this week’s 3 part



The Question

Answer all 3 questions below correctly to win the prize:


1. When the commentary team turned up late

for the 1996 World Cup match between

Australia and Kenya, an Australian

substitute fielder was roped in. He did a

decent job, and is now a commentator. Name



2. X once scored a 14-minute 1 in a Test. There

was nothing odd about that — barring the fact

that he acted as runner for two other batsmen,

Y and Z. In all he was at the crease for 507

minutes for a solitary run.

Identify X. Bonus points for naming Y and Z.


3. Dulka Road is an otherwise innocuous

place  in Clapham, South West London.

However, there was a sudden rise in the price

of one (and exactly one) house on Dulka Road,

especially during the 2000s. Why?


Go for it folks! Enjoy! All answers only in the

Comments section below please! No answers

anywhere else will count for the prize!



7 responses to “Cricket Writer Weekend Quiz – May 13th 2017”

  1. Atul Kumar says:

    1. Michael Slater
    2. Bruce Pairaudeau. He ran forWalcott for 3 hours 15 minutes and another 5 hours for Worrell
    3. Because the address of the house was 10 Dulka Road (sounding like Tendulkar)

  2. 1. Michael Slater
    2. Bruce Pairaudeau. The batsmen he ran for were Clyde Walcott and Frank Worrell
    3. 10 Dulka Road. Obviously for the phonetic similarity to Tendulkar.

  3. Venkat says:

    Great ones…Loved the ‘Slater’ one…

  4. Ritesh says:

    Wow brilliant quiz indeed congrats to the two who have answered above

  5. Ritesh says:

    Atul and Arunabha . Fantastic indeed

  6. Manajit Sengupta says:

    Great quiz indeed. I am pretty bad at trivia but google can make one look good. I found answers to 1 and 3 quickly through a google search but the answer to 2 eluded me. Either I am not a smart enough google searcher or google cannot answer all questions..

    Just keep this going.

  7. Ritesh says:

    Bruce Pairadeau started his test career with a 100 on debut, but then did very badly , scoring only 3 50’s in a futher 20 innings, and more importantly scoring single figues as many as 14 times, forcing selectors to drop him
    In that test debut 100, Madhav Apte had played. I meet him once in 2 months or so and will ask him his recollections about Bruce

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