They followed in their fathers’ Test steps: Guest Column by Kersi Meher-Homji

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Clockwise from top left corner: Colin and Chris Cowdrey; Chris and Stuart Broad; Lance and Chris Cairns; Mitchell, Geoff and Shaun Marsh; Mushtaq, Hanif, Sadiq, Wazir and Shaib Mohammad; Vijay and Sanjay Manjrekar; Peter and Shaun Pollock.  


They followed in their fathers’ Test steps


A lost book sparked off my interest in cricketing families. For my birthday in 1950 my eldest brother presented me Dudley Nourse’s autobiography Cricket in the Blood. It opened up new horizons for me. I was smitten.


It was the story of South Africa’s great batsman and captain Dudley Nourse and his equally famous father ‘Dave’ (real name Arthur). I read and reread it till ‘Dave’ and Dudley almost became part of my family.


Then tragedy struck. I lost the book as our family moved from the village Udvada in India to Bombay (now Mumbai). To get over this loss I started collecting press clippings on cricket families. This eventually became my first book Cricket’s Great Families (1980) and twenty years later Famous Cricketing Families.


There is another interesting story behind me getting interested in the Waugh family. Steve Waugh’s son Austin performing promisingly in Under-19s tests against Sri Lanka this month took my mind back 33 years.


In 1984 a function was held by Cricketers’ Club of NSW in Sydney to name the Richie Benaud Award winner for the Best Poidevin-Gray Shield (Under-21) Player of 1983-84. The winner was 18 year-old Mark Waugh, Austin’s uncle. But he could not attend the function as he and his twin brother Steve were then playing Youth test matches for Australia against Sri Lanka U-19s in Melbourne.


Both Steve and Mark Waugh were unknown then, not having played a Sheffield Shield match. Fortunately, their father Rodger was sitting on my table that night and told me all about their deeds in Sydney grade cricket. Subsequently their mother Bev sent me all their press clippings showing their performances for Bankstown Cricket Club in Sydney’s first grade cricket. I noticed that “caught Waugh bowled Waugh” was a familiar headline in local papers.


This inspired me to write my bestseller The Waugh Twins in 1998. Their brothers Dean and Danny played Sheffield Shield cricket but could not reach Test status. But who knows about Austin? Will he become the 58th son to follow in the illustrious footsteps of his father?



Below is country-wise list of fathers and sons playing Test cricket.



  • EJ Gregory (1 Test, 1877) and son SE Gregory (58 Tests, 1890-1912).
  • GR Marsh (50 Tests, 1985-1992) and sons SE Marsh (23 Tests, 2011-now) and MR Marsh (21 Tests, 2014-now).



  • CL Townsend (2 Tests, 1899) and son DCH Townsend (3 Tests, 1934).
  • FW Tate (1 Test, 1902) and son MW Tate (39 Tests, 1924-1935).
  • J Hardstaff (5 Tests, 1907) and son J Hardstaff jnr. (23 Tests, 1935-1948).
  • FT Mann (5 Tests, 1922) and son FG Mann (7 Tests, 1948-1949).
  • JH Parks (1 Test, 1937) and son JM Parks (46 Tests, 1954-1968).
  • L Hutton (79 Tests, 1937-1954) and son RA Hutton (5 Tests, 1971).
  • MC Cowdrey (114 Tests, 1954-1974) and son CS Cowdrey (6 Tests, 1984-1988).
  • MJ Stewart (8 Tests, 1962-1963) and son AJ Stewart (133 Tests, 1989-2003).
  • AR Butcher (1 Test, 1979) and son MA Butcher (71 Tests, 1997-2004).
  • IJ Jones (15 Tests, 1963-1967) and son SP Jones (18 Tests, 2002 -2005).
  • A Sidebottom (1 Test, 1985) and son RJ Sidebottom (22 Tests, 2001-2010).
  • BC Broad (25 Tests, 1984-1989) and son SCJ Broad (102 Tests, 2007- now).
  • DL Bairstow (4 Tests, 1979-81) and son JM Bairstow (38 Tests, 2012 – now).


South Africa

  • F Hearne (4 Tests, 1891-1895) and GAL Hearne (3 Tests, 1922-1924).  F. Hearne also played 2 Tests for England in 1988.
  • AW Nourse (45 Tests, 1902-1924) and AD Nourse (34 Tests, 1935-1951).
  • LR Tuckett (1 Test, 1913) and L. Tuckett (9 Tests, 1947-1948)
  • JD Lindsay (3 Tests, 1947) and DT Lindsay (19 Tests, 1963-1969).
  • PM Pollock (28 Tests, 1961-1969) and SM Pollock (108 Tests, 1995-2007).


West Indies

  • OC Scott (8 Tests, 1928-1930) and APH Scott (1 Test, 1952)
  • GA (22 Tests, 1929-1953) and RGA Headley (2 Tests, 1973); RGA and DW Headley (15 Tests for England, 1997-99).
  • ED Weekes (48 Tests, 1947-1958) and illegitimate son DA Murray [according to CricInfo] (19 Tests, 1977-1981).


New Zealand

  • HG Vivian (7 Tests, 1931-1937) and GE Vivian (5 Tests, 1964-1971).
  • WA Hadlee (11 Tests, 1937-1950) and DR Hadlee (26 Tests, 1969-1977) and RJ Hadlee (86 Tests, 1972-1990).
  • WM Anderson (1Test, 1945) and RW Anderson (9 Tests, 1976-1978).
  • PGZ Harris (9 Tests, 1955-1964) and CZ Harris (23 Tests, 1992-2002).
  • WP Bradburn (2 Tests, 1963) and GE Bradburn (4 Tests, 1990).
  • BL Cairns (43 Tests, 1973-1985) and CL Cairns (62 Tests, 1989-2004).
  • HG Vivian (7 Tests, 1931-1937) and GE Vivian (5 Tests, 1964-1971).
  • WA Hadlee (11 Tests, 1937-1950) and DR Hadlee (26 Tests, 1969-1977) and RJ Hadlee (86 Tests, 1972-1990).
  • WM Anderson (1Test, 1945) and RW Anderson (9 Tests, 1976-1978).
  • PGZ Harris (9 Tests, 1955-1964) and CZ Harris (23 Tests, 1992-2002).
  • WP Bradburn (2 Tests, 1963) and GE Bradburn (4 Tests, 1990).
  • BL Cairns (43 Tests, 1973-1985) and CL Cairns (62 Tests, 1989-2004).
  • *RE Redmond (1 Test, 1973) and son AJ Redmond (8 Tests from 2008-2013).
  • BP Bracewell (6 Tests, 1978-1985) and son DAJ Bracewell (27 Tests 2011- now).
  • KR Rutherford (56 Tests, 1985-1995) and son HD Rutherford (16 Tests, 2013-2015).
  • RT Latham (4 Tests, 1992-993) and son TWM Latham (32 Tests, 2014 – now).

* Rodney Redmond played only one Test and his batting average is 81.50. Against Pakistan at Auckland in February 1973 he scored 107 and 56 as opener and was never selected again.



  • L Amarnath (24 Tests, 1933-1952) and M Amarnath (69 Tests, 1969-1987) and S Amarnath (10 Tests, 1975-1978).
  • Nawab of Pataudi Snr. (3 Tests, 1946) and Nawab of Pataudi jnr. (46 Tests, 1961-1974). Nawab of Pataudi Snr. also played three Tests for England, 1932-1934).
  • MH (Vinoo) Mankad (44 Tests, 1946-1958) and AV Mankad (22 Tests, 1969-1977).
  • Pankaj Roy (43 Tests, 1951-1960) and Pranob Roy (2 Tests, 1981).
  • VL Manjrekar (56 Tests, 1951-1964) and SV Manjrekar (37 Tests, 1987-1996).
  • DK Gaekwad (11 Tests, 1952-1960) and AD Gaekwad (40 Tests, 1974-1984).
  • HS Kanitkar (2 Tests, 1974) and HH Kanitkar (2 Tests, 1999).
  • B.Yograj Singh (1 Test, 1981) and Yuvraj Singh (40 Tests, 2003-2012).
  • RMH Binny (27 Tests, 1979-1987) and son STR Binny (6 Tests, 2014-2015).


India and Pakistan

  • M. Jahangir Khan (4 Tests for India, 1932-1936) and Majid Khan (63 Tests for Pakistan, 1964-1982). Also Majid Khan’s son Bazid Khan (see at the end).
  • S Wazir Ali (7 Tests for Ind., 1932-1936) and Khalid Wazir (2 Tests for Pak., 1954).



  • Majid Khan (63 Tests, 1964-1982) and Bazid Khan (1 Test, 2004).
  • Hanif Mohammad (55 Tests, 1952-69) and Shoaib Mohammad (45 Tests, 1983-1995).
  • Nazar Mohammad (5 Tests, 1952) and Mudassar Nazar (76 Tests, 1976-1988).



  • MP Jarvis (5 Tests,1992-1994) and son KM Jarvis (8 Tests, 2011-2013)
  • AC Waller (2 Tests, 1996) and son MN Waller (11 Tests, 2011- now).


Of the 57 instances of sons to following their fathers’ Test-steps, New Zealand leads with 16.


India’s Lala Amarnath, New Zealand’s Walter Hadlee and Australia’s Geoff Marsh are the only Test cricketers to sire two sons each who went on to play Test matches.


Dean Headley created history when he made his Test debut for England against Australia at Manchester in 1997. It was the first instance of three direct generations of Test cricketers. Dean’s father, Ron, had represented the West Indies in 1973 and his grandfather, the legendary George (nicknamed ‘Black Bradman’), had played for the West Indies from 1929 to 1953 with distinction.


There is only one subsequent instance of three direct generations in Test history. Bazid Khan is the son of Majid Khan and nephew of Imran Khan and the grandson of Jahangir Khan. Bazid and Majid represented Pakistan and grand-father Jahangir, India.


Readers of Cricket Writer are welcome to add to this list.

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    I should have added that Ian, Greg and Trevor Chappell are the grandsons on Vic Richardson. Vic, Ian and Greg captained Australia with distinction.

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    Sorry for a typo on the above comment. I should have mentioned that Ian, Greg and Trevor Chappell are the grandsons of (and not on)Vic Richardson.

    Anandiya, thanks a million for selecting so many relevant and eye-catching photographs.

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    Stephen Cook, the Highveld Lions opener, completed the 6th father and son combination to represent South Africa in a Test match when he made his debut at Centurion.. His father, Jimmy, played three Tests against India and Sri Lanka between 1992 and 1993…..

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